The Chair of Shambhala’s governing body fails to spin its identity crisis

For those interested in discrimination and abuse of power in Shambhala, here’s a 15 minute CBC Halifax radio segment on Project Sunshine, published on May 24th. 2018.
The interviewees are Andrea Winn of Buddhist Project Sunshine and Josh Silberstein as Chair of Shambhala’s senior Administrative body, the Kalapa Council. His false claims should be a red flag for all who care about the integrity of Shambhala and the continuation of the benefit which it is bringing to many.
When Ms. Winn says, “These horrendous acts have been permitted”, for me, this is the most egregious issue. Abuse has been and is currently enabled and by administrative nepotism and fear of exposure to the light of day. In my case for instance, my attempted murder forced me to leave Nova Scotia for the UK having gone there to set up a business within the community, for the sake of preserving a facade of good behaviour on the part of ‘old timers’ who had clearly been criminally abusive.
For instance, while my abuser, Mr. Lennart Krogoll was banned from serving as an Officer of Shambhala and removed by the Care and Conduct Panel from his Directorship at Dorje Denma Ling in 2015 for, “…failing to resolve conflict among Staff”, following my formal Complaint, he continues to receive a glowing review by David Brown in the Shambhala Times on his socalled ‘resignation’. Furthermore, neither he nor anyone associated with the crimes which occurred during those events has been referred to the Police per stated Shambhala Policies, leaving the perpetrators enabled in committing crime and both the Sangha and society generally at risk of further abuse.
One must wonder how Mr. Krogoll’s failing to report to the Police the life endangering sabotage which occurred on my vehicle on his watch and which followed just weeks after another similar incident in which he suspected the Kitchen Manager, constitutes ‘executing his role with devotion’. However, when one also considers that the Kalapa Council offered a bribe to the Complainant in a Labour Standards Board investigation against Dorje Denma Ling in 2016, in order to be free to continue illegally paying less than minimum wage in order to keep the Centre open, most reasonable people will conclude that the Council is corrupt and that its current approach in addressing past and potential harm in the Sangha is but a poor facade to obscure the fox guarding the chicken coop.
Mr. Silberstein openly discusses in the interview how a (most likely, understated) number of Shambhala Officeholders have been removed from office for sexual abuse, other abuses of power being as yet unaccounted for and in most cases covered up as in the case of Mr. Krogoll. Absent from this discussion to date is the question of how the Shambhala Administration feels empowered to deliberate, judge and attempt to reconcile criminal activity independently of the Justice Systems of the societies in which it operates. The situation smacks of the Catholic Church, among many other churches and seems destined to experience the same untidy come uppance, or ‘kerfuffle as a Ms. Hester in Halifax offers. I feel the more appropriate adjective is ‘clusterfuck’, being defined as, “a complex and utterly disordered and mismanaged situation”.
I am speaking about my experience because the Police investigation which I launched was hoodwinked by disinformation from Shambhala’s Administrators and I had neither time, energy nor resources to combat that overhwelming influence from across the Atlantic ocean. Nevertheless, there is no statute of limitations in this investigation. The more I discuss it, the more evidence comes to light such that one or some of those responsible may ultimately be appropriately charged and the Sangha properly protected from the vagaries of abusive powermongering. Were I not to do this, I would hang my head in shame should somebody else suffer the same fate as I or even death, at the hands of my delusional abusers, their enablers and in particular the currently ensconced members of the Kalapa Council.
Four years later I struggle to re-establish myself as a result. I do this as best I can given that my wife is a ‘Shambhalian’ and best friends with Jane Arthur’s ‘best friend’. So even as I have burned every available item in my possession related to Shambhala, one of my regular house guests forcefully tells me to stop talking negatively about Shambhala while she has reached a pact with Jane to not discuss my case. This clearly puts self interest over the safety of the Sangha.
When the cases are examined, the spiritual bypassing (reasoning) of criminal abuse becomes clear to most of the objective people with whom I have communicated on the issue. It is so entirely opposite to the polished decorum of Shambhala that it is worthy of George Orwell. While there are many instances of good occurring as a result of Shambhala’s influence in the world, if one is brave enough to look behind the veils some friendships, families and communities are being egregiously traumatised by its disingenuous offering of a pious society in the name of religion.
My only consolation (and I hope the readers’ also) is that it is now coming out and that, as Andrea says, “There is a sense of ease in this coming out.” Importantly, not all victims feel represented by Andrea, any more at ease as a result of her efforts or confident to approach the Kalapa Council with their stories of past harm which in most cases were perpetrated by the Kalapa Council itself.
I have communicated with many who are simply living in trauma, as far away from Shambhala as they can get yet still attracted by the integrity of its Teachings. Like myself, they fear harm should they attend programmes simply because Shambhala’s Administration is not only unable to provide a safe space for them, by the standard of any civilised society but also unwilling to the point of delusion as exemplified by the false information which Mr. Silberstein disseminates in this interview.
In particular, contrary to Silberstein’s claim, he and his cohort is *NOT* and has not been ‘working with’, at least in my case, those who ‘come forward’ with claims of past harm. I listen to him speak and hear only a slick, corporate shill type of person. I have written five times to the Kalapa Council and its members in the last two months and I have received no response.
This situation will only resolve when a qualified third party sits at the centre of it and carefully dissects the trauma, the Administrators’ selfish misrepresentations and its cover ups of criminal activities. I pray this happens soon, as the integrity of the entire Organisation is now at stake.
My blog’s initial post will soon be updated, accordingly with a professionally edited and updated account of this profoundly dire and shameful situation. 

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