Response to this blog from Tahlia Newland, a 20 year student of Rigpa

“Hi Edmund,

What you’ve written tells the story of the same kind of complete disinterest in actually doing anything about people’s mistreatment that we saw in Rigpa, and for the same kinds of reasons. Unfortunately Trungpa left a poor legacy in the area of ethics. Unsurprisngly Sogyal Rinpoche and Dsongzar Khyentse Rinpoche both look up to him.

We really have to cut this kind of thing out of the tradition if it’s to be a truly healthy religion. Thank goodness there are some lamas with integrity. The problem is that both Shambala and Rigpa, and presumably other sanghas of similar lamas, present a lovely front that makes people think all is well.

Cheers, Tahlia”

More information about Tahlia’s reflections on the Rigpa abuse scandal can be found in the article linked below, and in her many Youtube videos.


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