On the Kalapa Council’s March 19th. 2018 letter

Dear Kalapa Council members,
In response to your letter, and Tiffany Dixon’s draft letter to yourselves:
The silencing and shaming of Shambhala’s victims of injustices is now coming out. We must act, if we have a heart at all, when we see crime occurring for the benefit of the deluded perpetrator and their enablers as much as for the victims.
It is disingenuous to publish protocols on reporting crime to the Police and then attempt to deal with crime internally. Crime will ultimately be deliberated by the Justice Systems external to Shambhala. It can now be subjected to a Court monitored Restorative Justice process. Without the rule of law there will be no society in which to contemplate the Natural Law, the Dharma, and therefore no Enlightened Society per Shambhala’s stated mission.
The Shambhala Sangha is not above the temporal laws of the jurisdictions in which it functions, around the globe. It is naive and seditious for it to continue operating as though it has the right to deliberate on crime in a more ethical manner than the Court systems. That system of Justice is anarchy. It undermines the vulnerable and allows the charlatans to maintain their abuses of power. This was proved at Rajneeshpuram, Jonestown, the Boston Catholic Church and many others.
The Genie is out of the bottle now for Shambhala. Many older students, if you listen very carefully, are saying, “About time!”

I refer you to my post in response to Joe Pratt’s socalled investigation into my allegations contained in my first post on this blog. In considering all of this information, much of it verifiable with evidence from emails and documents which your members and advisors have personally sent to me, you should be aware that when Shambhala begins to deal with crime in the Sangha in line with its own protocols, the Police investigation into my case will be reopened.

Good luck.

Best wishes, Edmund

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